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Timelines aren't just for history!

Here’s the deal. We’re really excited about this blog post.

Okay, maybe not the post itself. But what’s in the post makes us at School Perceptions very, very proud.

Recently, we released what we’ve called the Key Measurements System or the “KMS” for

short. This two-minute video does a really good job explaining what it is, but in a nutshell, we put together all our staff, student, and parent surveys together into an annual subscription package. These surveys are research-based, efficient to take, and provide a wealth of “perceptions” data from your stakeholders.

Also, it’s really affordable. To save your district some money, we’ve set up the KMS so that you can administer the survey on your own, analyze your data, and complete the survey process from start to finish.

Otherwise, we can administer your survey, produce reports, and take everything else off your plate too.

Honestly, you decide. What works for you works for us. But whatever you choose, we’ll be here to support you at any step.

At this point, we’re really pleased with how the KMS is taking off. Districts across the country are signing up for the KMS. Now, though, at the beginning of the year, we want to show you how you can use the System.

In other words, what surveys should I do and when? The questions you’re asking yourself differ depending on the time of year. To help, we put together the calendar below. (If you’d like to download and share, that’s linked here. To see all of our surveys in the KMS, take a gander at this booklet.)

Thus, no matter what your needs, we have a tool you can use to get answers. And remember, this is just a draft. This is our recommendation, but you choose what makes sense for you. Not ready for athletics surveys? No worries. Prefer to do your Staff Check-in Survey in spring? Great, we’ll make it happen.

You already have your demographic data. You already have your assessment data. Now, let us help you get your perceptions data! (We’ll triangulate your data, if you’re feeling research-y. And we are.)

Lastly, why us? Why School Perceptions? (Bear with us here. We’re almost done. Our surveys are brief. Our blog posts? Not always.) School Perceptions has…

  • An objective and unbiased process.

  • An emphasis on you.

  • Cost-effective solutions no matter where you work.

  • Research-based and applicable surveys.

  • Comprehensive tools for all your stakeholder groups.

  • Comparison data to school districts similar to yours.

  • A flexible, home-grown software system.

  • A commitment to engaging with your stakeholders.

  • Experts and partner consultants to provide you ongoing support.

  • A dedication to service.

In 20 years, our mission has never changed. We help educational leaders gather, organize, and use data to make strategic decisions.

Alright. That’s enough from us—for right now. Call us at 262.644.4300 or email us Your KMS is ready to go.

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