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Staff data is up! ... Except for one.

As we promised in a previous post, we are digging into how staff data this year compares to last year.

All in all, the data is fantastic. Six items saw increases of at least 9%* year-over-year! These include:

  • The District is heading in the right direction. (Up 17%)

  • Our school's student discipline practices and policies are effective. (Up 13%)

  • Our staff handles student discipline in a consistent manner. (Up 11%)

  • Our parents and community support the school district. (Up 10%)

  • District administration is doing what it takes to make our district successful. (Up 10%)

  • The District seeks input from a broad group of staff members. (Up 9%)

(* Is this a lot? Yes. It’s a good day to see districts improve their scores by 2-3% year over year).

If you’re considering doing a staff survey, now’s the time.

But what about the one item that saw a decrease? This actually wasn’t surprising to us. What was it?

I have access to the technology support I need.

This makes sense. Consider where we were last year. It was the first full school year back after the world shut down in March 2020. Classrooms, grades, and schools were shifting in and out of quarantine, remote learning, and online instruction. You had to be prepared with all methods of technology to do your best to ensure learning didn’t lag. There was no option: you had to be good with technology.

This year, things are different. Schools are back in person. The reliance on technology simply isn’t as great as in 2021-22.

And the actual score? Still high. The overall average this year remains at 4.10. Translated, this means that staff still agree that they’re getting the tech support they need and, in fact, are approaching strongly agree. The score is still really high – just a little less really high than last year.

I have the technology I need to do my job well.

Technically, this item did not decrease year over year. Instead, statistically, it stayed almost identical: up 0.02 (1-5 scale) or 0.5%. Like the item above, at face value, this makes sense. The technology is largely in place to teach, learn, grow, and develop. However, the support to use the tools effectively lags.

Much more to come! We haven’t yet delved into parents or students either!


The School Perceptions Blog and Resource Center features the voices of our team members. This post was written by Rob DeMeuse, Research Director.


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