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Partnership spotlight: WASB

When we started School Perceptions 20 years ago, our goal was to help educational leaders make better decisions. At a high level, this continuous improvement effort requires two actions:

  1. Defining the problem

  2. Solving the problem

Over the years, the School Perceptions team has become pretty good at asking the right questions and gathering data to help define the challenges districts face, as well as identify areas of strength. However, we also learned that we need great partners to help solve the complex problems many school districts are facing once the issues are defined.

To that end, we’d like to thank the Wisconsin Association of School Boards for their support.

For years, our partnership has made the Annual Board Development Tool available at no cost to all school districts in Wisconsin. The tool, based on The Key Work of School Boards, is designed to:

  • Help establish annual goals.

  • Align school board planning priorities.

  • Orient new school board members regarding their roles and responsibilities.

Again, gathering good data is only half the challenge. Upon request, the WASB consultants are available to step in and help make sense of the data, identify areas of strength and alignment, and determine where further dialogue and discussion are needed. With those insights, they then help create a plan moving forward.

For School Perceptions to be effective, we need great partners—like the folks at WASB.

We’d like to sincerely thank them for their ongoing support!


The School Perceptions Blog and Resource Center features the voices of our team members. This post was written by Bill Foster, President & Founder.


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