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I know I need student data. What are my options?

Since 2002, School Perceptions has been administering some version of our Student Life Survey to give schools a thorough view of how students are doing on a variety of key metrics. When we created the Key Measurements System (KMS), we knew that this survey would be included. However, we also wanted to provide our customers with additional student survey options to collect more specific data. That’s why we included both student entrance and exit surveys and athletics/activity survey as part of the KMS package.

Used together, these surveys provide a more comprehensive view of student engagement, learning, and satisfaction than any individual instrument.

Additionally, all these surveys can be easily self-administered using our survey admin software, saving you both time and money!

Our middle and high school entrance surveys help you check in on students attending a new school and see how they are adjusting. Our research review demonstrates that the success or failure of many of your students is determined to a large extent by how they adjust to their new school in the first 90 days. Using an entrance survey helps identify students that are struggling socially or academically and finds areas of the transition process that can be improved.

A middle or high school exit survey can provide a summative assessment of the student experience at your school. What are the strengths/weaknesses of your schools? How prepared do students feel for high school, the workforce, or continued education? This type of data is particularly useful for curriculum planning and is invaluable feedback for districts looking to showcase their strengths and identify clear issues to address.

Finally, our student athletics and activity surveys allow users collect data on extracurricular participants. These surveys cover important topics such as communication, mentorship, teamwork and motivation, scheduling, and coaching. It takes more than just skilled players to have a successful activities program, and our athletics surveys will get your teams on track for success!

By subscribing to the Key Measurements System, you will have access to the entire suite of School Perceptions student surveys, which work together to provide a complete picture of the student experience within your district.

If you are interested in any of the surveys we covered today or would like to learn more about the Key Measurements System, contact us at


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