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Every kid deserves to tell you how they’re doing.

When I was teaching, I had a freshman civics/psychology course and a junior US history course. In each of those classes, I had kids that easily spanned 10 years’ worth of reading levels. Some were at the elementary level and others could have been reading college texts. At the same time, there were some students who were whip smart but needed some additional support to do their work.

When we write surveys at School Perceptions, we keep the same things in mind.

We’ve written in this space before that survey data is only available if people, ya know, take the surveys. Otherwise, what’s the point of spending the money?

Our surveys are created for students in grades 4-12, split between elementary and middle schoolers and high schoolers. We believe this is where you’ll get your most thoughtful data. We have, however, gone as young as kindergarteners.

Not only is the language friendly, but we also include emojis in all our student surveys so that students who need the extra help can simply point to their answer.

Take a look at a few examples below:

  • My teachers call on me in class.

  • I try my best at school.

  • I feel safe at school.

  • Most kids at school follow the rules.

  • I have friends to sit with at lunch or hang out with at school.

No matter the age, kids know the answers to these questions. What’s more, the answers to these questions will provide you invaluable information as you work to support every student in your school.


The School Perceptions Blog and Resource Center features the voices of our team members. This post was written by Rob DeMeuse, Research Director.


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