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Equity: A topic that deserves our time

In the nearly 20 years that we’ve been providing surveys and data analysis to schools, it’s always been important to us to listen to the feedback from our clients. This helps us understand trends in education and administration, but also helps us provide the best possible products to schools across the country.

One of the items that we’ve been working on adding to our surveys is a series of questions on equity. We hope to include equity questions on our parent, student, and staff surveys sometime in 2020. This series of questions will be an option, along with others, that school districts can add.

But it’s something that we’d like to think that all school districts would consider, because it’s a topic and an issue that some students deal with on a day-to-day basis. Ironically, it’s also an issue that doesn’t even hit the radar of other students, parents. and educational professionals.

Recently, Dr. Deb Kerr, superintendent of Brown Deer Schools in Brown Deer, Wis., posted an article on this timely issue. Dr. Kerr was specifically addressing a recent event at a conference football game, but her article also spoke to how inequity issues are a chronic problem for students in her district and ended with a call for change.

We know, based on our experience, that change starts with recognizing you have a problem. Based on a growing body of research, inequity is a problem in school environments and one that administrators and educations are attempting to recognize and address.

We’re also pleased to note that our clients have brought this concern to us and asked if equity questions can be included in our school surveys.

The answer is yes. Absolutely yes.

While our weekly blog post typically provides readers with interesting insights about what’s going on at School Perceptions or research that we think is useful, this week, we’d like to turn this platform over to Dr. Kerr, and we ask that you take a moment to read her article and reflect on it.


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