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Do your plans align with your community’s values?

School leaders work very hard to develop mission statements and strategic plans that guide the decision-making process daily, weekly, and annually. These foundational pieces are critical to making budgeting, staffing, and programming decisions.

That said, when was the last time you sought input from your community to ensure these important decisions are aligned with their priorities?


Do your plans meet their expectations? 

You may already know that we conduct many surveys that measure whether taxpayers support a potential referendum.


Another community survey tool (our planning survey) helps you establish the planning priorities valued by your community so that they go hand-in-hand with your schools’ planning efforts.



  • How does your community want to hear from you?

  • What does your community want to learn about in those communications?

  • How satisfied is the community with your communication efforts?

  • Do community members feel like they have enough channels for input on your schools’ direction?



  • Do people feel the schools are safe and secure?

  • Do the schools have community and parent support?



  • Are your schools heading in the right direction?

  • Are leaders doing what it takes to make your schools successful?


Academics & Development:

  • Do schools have high expectations for students?

  • Are your schools’ learning priorities focused on the right areas?


Learning Support:

  • Are your schools making the right staffing priorities?

  • Are there fruitful community and business partnerships in place?


Planning for the Future:

  • What programs and services should your schools provide in the future?

  • Where should your schools’ limited resources be focused?


Graduate Success:

  • What academic areas are most important for students?

  • What social skills areas are most important for students?

If these questions don’t get you what you need, we can customize questions specific to you. We can also gather open-ended comments and suggestions from your respondents with research-based, qualitative analyses.


School leaders have finite time, staffing, and resources. School Perceptions would be honored to help you learn what your community values most so your leadership efforts are supported by your community.


Let us help you “measure what matters” to your community so that you’re all on the same page.


The School Perceptions Blog and Resource Center features the voices of our team members. This post was written by Daren Sievers, Project Manager.



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