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DIY meet KMS.

This week, we wanted to feature our Key Measurements System. We created this system a couple years ago because we wanted to make sure excellent surveys were available no matter your enrollment, budget, or timeline.

Below is what some of our team members need you to know about the KMS!

Bill (President & Founder): For more than 20 years, School Perceptions has guided school schools every step of the way through the journey of gathering, organizing, and making sense of staff, student, and parent perceptions data. While this approach still makes sense in many situations, we developed the Key Measurements System (KMS) as an option to provide our survey software and services a la carte.

By using the KMS, each school district can access and self-administrate more than 20 researched-based surveys. The KMS is designed so you can do it yourself (and save money!) when it makes sense. But don’t worry. Each district is assigned an account manager so you can “phone a friend” anytime help is needed.

Rob (Research Director): You can be confident we develop each survey by answering the following questions:

  1. What is necessary to measure? We combine our decades of education experience with intensive research literature reviews to ensure that our surveys reflect established results, findings, and theories.

  2. What do families and practitioners need? We recognize that you are the best expert for your school. We pilot our surveys with current students and practitioners to ensure that your needs are being met.

  3. What questions duplicate the same concept? We understand that time is precious. We execute comprehensive survey reviews to ensure that our surveys both a) provide actionable information and b) can be completed efficiently by survey-takers.

Daren (Project Manager): Hiring and retaining top talent has always been important to educators as we look to provide the best possible learning experience for the students and families we serve. However, today that personnel challenge is tougher than ever, given the nationwide employee shortage present in numerous career pathways.

Our KMS Staff Survey is a quick and efficient means by which you can check in on your staff and measure how they are feeling about their work environment, as measured by our benchmarked and normed employee indexes. These data points will provide you and your administrative team critical insights into the areas where you are thriving and areas you need to shore up to ensure you are able to attract and retain the best educational talent in all roles to serve your students.

Don’t guess or assume. Let us help you determine where you should channel your time and energy so you can support your staff and empower them to give their best to the students you serve. Let us help you measure what matters!

Cari (Project Implementation Manager): At School Perceptions, we aim to meet the unique needs of every district. To this end, our survey administration software has been designed for flexibility, allowing you to choose the approach that best suits you and your budget.

Choosing our “full-service” method means that we will take care of all your survey administration details from start to finish, while our Key Measurements System (KMS) subscription allows you to self-implement surveys (and save money!) using the School Perceptions platform.

KMS subscription customers can also have the best of both worlds by choosing a combination of these two methods across different surveys.

Still want more? Earlier this year, I wrote a step-by-step overview on KMS implementation tips here.

Tim (VP of Technology): Our KMS system offers a low-cost and customer-administrated survey environment, including an easy-to-use but also comprehensive client dashboard. Using the client dashboard, our customers can view detailed question results that zoom in to view individual respondent groups using our disaggregate feature.

Any subset of respondents can be viewed, only teacher or support staff, only students from a specific school or grade range, and so on.

Our client dashboard also includes a customer customized page that will graphically present one question’s selections or graphically compare a group of questions. The customer selected graphs can also display subset of respondent results using the same disaggregation feature.

Bev (Project Implementation Manager): While School Perceptions offers a variety of report options for KMS customers, our executive summaries stand out as a brief, visually appealing way to present your data to a wide audience.

Each executive summary contains important demographic information, overall satisfaction data, and index scores – all in only 2 pages!

These reports are a great option for any district looking for a quick way to inform key stakeholders of survey results, from parents to school board members. Use these hyperlinks to view staff, student, and parent executive summary examples.

By the way, if you're curious what to whom you compare, you can learn a lot more in this post.

Lindsey (Data Analyst): First things first: our reports rock. They’re clear, concise, and contain all the best information from your latest staff, student, and parent surveys.

But, as awesome as our reports are, sometimes you just want the data from your survey and not the whole report.

Our KMS surveys allow you to have both: you can run your survey easily at any time, and you can choose to either interpret your results yourself. You could also have us create one (or more) of our reports for you to present and hand out to your audience. Or somewhere in between!

And don’t forget our longitudinal reports, which can measure your school’s change over time in key areas. However you choose to look at your data, the KMS is flexible and available 24/7.


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