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Cold weather but hot presses!

You’re working on a community survey, and it’s going great. Awesome! Once you have a timeline for your project figured out and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel (the light being mailing your survey to residents, of course) you can begin the printing and mailing process.

I know what you’re thinking, “I’m a superintendent/administrator/admin assistant/other awesome-sounding job that does great things for students. I don’t know anything about printing or mailing!”

And that’s okay because your friends at School Perceptions have you covered.

Let’s break down a physical survey to its individual parts.

  • If your survey is a postcard survey, you’ll be sending out (you guessed it), a postcard. This postcard will include the introductory letter and a single-use code that allows participants to complete the survey. These two things will be in every mailed School Perceptions survey, no matter it’s a postcard or an eight-pager.

  • If your survey is four pages, it will include the letter, the survey questions, a code, and an envelope. All this will be in a regular mailing envelope.

  • If your survey is eight or twelve pages, it will have the letter, the survey questions, a code, and an envelope.

If all this is making your head spin, that’s understandable! Often, the printing and mailing process can be stressful. But we’ll be there to help you out for all of it. Your School Perceptions printing and mailing coordinator (i.e., Yours Truly!) will act as a liaison between you and a printing company.

Our team has a few “regular” printers who have printed hundreds of thousands of our surveys and know our process well. But if your school has worked with a printing company before, we’re happy to work with them too!

We’ll work through the finer details of the printing and mailing process for you. We will provide the access codes and reply envelopes and make sure the printer understands what we need to have printed.

Throughout the whole process, you remain in control of all details. While School Perceptions will be a liaison between the printer and you, you’re the customer. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be here to help you!


The School Perceptions Blog and Resource Center features the voices of our team members. This post was written by Lindsey Naze, Data Analyst.


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