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A summer series on welcoming new students into your building

Next week, we’re beginning a summer series to help you get the data you need for new middle and high schoolers. We’ll take you through what surveys we have available, how to use them, how to analyze the data to make sure your resources are going to students who need help the most, and how to fit this data into your staff and parent data.

In about eight weeks, a new crop of middle and high school students will step into your building for the first time. How will they fare in the first quarter of the year?

The beginning of the school year is stressful. This is especially true for your students starting middle and high school. The research is clear. The success or failure of these students is determined to a large extent in the first 90 days. Some of your middle school students have less self-esteem and more anxiety. Some of your high school students will make the decision to stay or drop out in just the first few weeks. So, how do you help your students make this transition successfully?

The School Perceptions Middle School and High School Entrance surveys help you target your supports and counseling to the kids who need it most. Who doesn’t have friends to sit with at lunch? Who doesn’t have an adult to talk to when they have a problem? Who needs help academically? Who feels bullied?

With the School Perceptions system, you can…

  • Analyze every item by individual students who are struggling most.

  • Put your data in context by comparing your results with similar schools.

  • Quantify your growth with longitudinal reports.

For more than 20 years, School Perceptions has been helping schools gather, organize, and use staff, student, and parent data to make better decisions. Make these transition surveys a piece of your analysis.


The School Perceptions Blog and Resource Center features the voices of our team members. This post was written by Rob DeMeuse, Research Director.


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